The following listings are for companies that I have done extensive business with, and have proven to offer reliability, quality, and superior service.

Tile Showrooms:

Oregon Tile & Marble
Ann Sacks
Pratt & Larson
United Tile
DAL Tile
Cronin Company
IGE Stone

Designers and Architects:

Phil Chek and Assoc.
Litmus Design

Building Contractors:

Neil Kelly
Barth Woodworks
Imagiine Energy

Useful Tile Websites:

Tiles on the Web
Tile Council of America
Construction Contractors Board

Neal's Personal Favorites:

Mid Coast Creative Concrete Design
Sustainable Building
Sarada Ramakrishna Vivekananda Org. - Advaita
Sweat - The History of Steam

Favorite Blogs:

Jason Womack Personal Productivity
Dwell At Home inthe Modern World
Core 77 Industrial Design
Seth Godin Marketing on the Edge