Tile Tips

Why tile and stone?

At no other time in history, has such a wide range and variety of tile and stone been available to so many people. Tile has long been appreciated for its natural beauty and for the dramatic effects possible when used creatively. The Pacific Northwest, and the Portland area in particular, is home to some of the finest tile artisans in the country, as well as several world class manufacturers and showrooms. Besides its aesthetic beauty, tile is unsurpassed for its durability and ease of care.

What kind of tile?

Spend time in showrooms, looking through books and magazines, and speak with designers and contractors to find a selection that will meet your aesthetics, functional needs, and budget. If you have any questions, you can contact us.

Choosing an installer:

Finding an installer with a proven track record is crucial. Installations must not only look clean and neat, but must also stand the test of time. A good installer will make sure that the tiling substrates are structurally sound, will use the proper setting materials, and install the tiles straight and plumb. A proper installation should last for at least twenty years. Check references, and when possible, visit an actual job site.


Virtually all tile problems that occur in tile installations could have been prevented with periodic maintenance. Grout should be sealed annually, and in showers, caulking and cracks should be checked and filled. There is no reason why a tile installation should not last twenty years or more.

We offer an annual maintenance program. We keep a file on your project, and call once a year to schedule an inspection and clean and seal the grout joints.